DIY Magnetic Recipe Cards – Learn to Magnetize Your Recipes

Everybody loves giving and receiving homemade baked goods for that Holidays. This holidays complement your goodies with unique Magnetic Recipe Card. A large number of personalized Magnetic Recipe Cards could be hand crafted within a few minutes making use of your printer.

Magnetic Recipe Cards really are a handy accessory for any baker’s kitchen.

Here are the good reasons to “magnetize” your preferred recipes.

Them could be place at eye level for simple reference.

Forget about trying to find the recipe in your counter (a genuine way to save time).

You should use both untidy hands to cook or baking.

Forget about spilling ingredients in your recipe cards.

Commonly used recipes usually stays on stoves or refrigerators for simple access.

Homemade Magnetic Recipes Cards are fast and simple to create. There’s two methods to “magnetize” your recipes.

Make use of your printer to print your recipes directly onto an inkjet magnet sheet. In case your recipes happen to be computerized the majority of the jobs are already done. Otherwise, inputting your recipes to your PC is going to be needed.

Attach your overall recipe card (or perhaps a copy) to refrigerator style magnet. With this method I love to use recycled calendar refrigerator magnets. These recycled fridge magnets have the freedom in most cases more powerful than inkjet magnet sheets. Utilizing a photo copy enables you to definitely support the original. With this particular method you does not need to input your recipes to your PC.

To connect a recipe to some refrigerator style magnet I love to use double stick tape. This process is quick & clean while using the proper double sided tape. Spray glues work well. Most glue become brittle as we grow older and since the magnets flex, I prevent them.

Magnetic Recipes make wonderful gifts when swapping recipes. When giving home baked or homemade canned goods as gifts together with a magnetic recipe insures the present is appreciated lengthy following the gift is consumed.