What are the Pros and Cons of Using Third Party Delivery Services for Pizzerias?

As soon as the weekends hit or someone gets lazy to cook, people reach out to their phones and order food from Grub Hub, Postmates or Uber Eats. These apps have made it easy for people to browse multiple menus at a single place, rapid Minneapolis delivery and access to eateries that may not have any on staff drivers. Many restaurants have experienced the advantages of collaborating with the third party services. But some are still doubtful. Have a read of these pros and cons to make this understanding easy for you.


  1. They help in managing the surging demands

It is not a simpleton task for an eatery to keep additional people ready to deliver pizza in the peak times. There are a plethora of things that can surge in demand on a pizzeria like bad weather delays delivery, staff call out sick, high demands on delivery vehicles etc. Collaborating with third party app means not being concerned about the extra staff or covering when someone is sick. The app got everything covered.

  1. They take the burden off you

There is a huge liability involved when running a restaurant. Drivers are arriving and leaving at all times, there are huge odds of running into accidents. Unluckily, these can hamper with the restaurant’s insurance premiums or may drop the coverage entirely. Restaurant owners aren’t responsible for such accidents that the third party drivers are involved in. So, when using a third party delivery service, know that such events will not raise your rates in anyway. Consult with your insurer and attorney before considering this.


  1. Third party services may not have much value for the customers

The best thing about pizza is that they are cheap. It is also easily portable, can be delivered from one place to another with ease, which further lets many pizza places to run their business on the basis of a delivery model. They also tack on surcharges and increase their rates in peak hours which make the pizza expensive. Hence, many people avoid ordering pizza from app to enjoy them at a cheaper price.

  1. They create a wrong image

You are acquainted with the menu and reduce the mistakes. The same goes for the staff, you can give them uniforms and other gears to help your brand. But third party apps don’t have such pros. The collaborated restaurants have no control over such mistakes, time taken to deliver the food etc. The convenience provided with such apps comes at a cost.