Choose from Regular or Sicilian Lip-Smacking Pizzas to Savour Your Taste Buds

If you are ardent fan of pizzas, then you might have tried out almost all types of pizzas once in your lifetime. If not, then you might you can begin with Sicilian pizzas.

How is Sicilian Pizza Different than Regular Pizza?

Many people generally get confused between Sicilian and regular pizza. The ingredients may be the same, but this is where the similarities end. Talking about the difference between Sicilian and regular pizza is the shape. Sicilian pizza is rectangular in shape whereas a regular pizza is round in shape. If you live in Phoenix, and looking for high quality pizzas, then Sardellas Pizza is the place to be.

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In addition to the shape, some of the difference between Sicilian and regular pizzas is as follows:

  • Sicilian pizzas are deep dish or thick crusted. Regular pizzas can also be thin crusted
  • The sauce component is more in a Sicilian pizza when compared to a regular one
  • Sicilian pizza generally come with basic toppings comprising of herbs, cheese and tomato sauce

Pan Pizzas for Take Outs

Pan pizzas are gaining a lot of popularity. They are most round or rectangular in shape. Pan pizzas can be on many different types. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Roman Style Pizza
  • Detroit Style Pizza
  • Old Forge style Pizza
  • Grandmas Pizza
  • Chicago Style Pizza
  • Baker Style Pizza

Roman style pizza basically originates from Rome. The pizza dough is made from rice flour and dehydrated to create big pockets. You can then fill these pockets with topping of your choice. Detroit style pizza is made from butter and brick cheese. The sauce is then poured over the cheese.

Old Forge style pizza is less crispy. It is soft to dig into, topped with cheddar or brick cheese. Grandma’s pizza is thin. This pizza is fried in olive oil. The toppings in this pizza contain loads of mozzarella cheese with fresh or canned tomatoes. Chicago style pizza come with a buttery crust, loaded with loads of cheese and tomato sauce. Baker style pizza is a lot breadier when compared to its counterparts. These are topped with tomato sauce and Romano cheese


If you love cooking, you can try making your own pan pizza at home. There are many online videos that teach you how to make the pizza right from the scratch.