A Glass of Liqueur For all Seasons

You might have heard that liqueurs are made for winter – true but not entirely so. The choicest liqueurs are just too enjoyable to be left for a particular season alone. As much as you are encouraged not to binge drink, you can delight in the wholesome goodness of a full liqueur all year round if you’ve got your recipes in place. And, talking about liqueur recipe ideas, let’s see a couple of them right about now – in this particular write-up.


Amaretto is a popular Italian liqueur that is primarily made from bitter almonds suspended in base alcohol with 21 – 28% ABV. Besides almonds, you can make this liqueur using peach stones or apricot kernels, and the good thing is that you will still get the almond flavor. You can have your amaretto served plainly or just add it to your cocktail.

Damson Gin

Damson gin is a British liqueur so to say, and it is made from a blend of gin and sugar, with Damson plums imposing its flavor. Damson plums are basically immersed in the gin in a tightly closed jar for 2 or more months. Damson gin is, more or less, a Christmas delight since its preparation in September – which is Damson season – ensures that it is ready for the celebration ahead.

Pomegranate Vodka

It may be time to try out a new liqueur recipe once pomegranate starts getting ripe in September. And, if you have ever tasted a pomegranate-flavored liqueur like what you will get from Pink Kitty liqueur, you will surely not want to miss out on preparing your homemade pomegranate vodka. As you must have perceived, this liqueur is made from pomegranate and vodka – with 40% ABV to be precise. Sugar is usually added as sweetener.

Sloe Gin

Here we have another British wonder of a liqueur that is made from sloe – which is a fruit that belongs to the family of plums. It is prepared using a gin with 15 – 30% alcohol by volume. You do not even have to add any sweetener to this one as the sweetness from the sloe is fully released if you allow it to age. Therein lies a challenge since it may take about 6 months – or even more – for this to happen.


If you ask around to know what limoncello tastes or feels like, you will likely be greeted by two words – ‘refreshing’ and ‘delicious’. That sums up the story of this lemon-flavored liqueur produced by soaking lemon peels in vodka and adding sugar to sweeten it. And, in case you’ve not heard: limoncello is a very good digestif. You can take it after a meal to aid digestion.


Back to where it all began – Italy – and this time around, the beam is on Frangelico, a liqueur made from a blend of different spices, hazelnut, and other ingredients. The base alcohol used in this case is usually about 20 – 24% ABV. Ingredients such as vanilla, cocoa, and cinnamon are sometimes blended in to give Frangelico liqueur some flavor.

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